Stop Smoking

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Stop Smoking Using Your Unconscious Mind DVD & CD Program.


DIGITAL PRODUCT ONLY. Physical disks not available for this product.

Subliminal messages have been used for years to reprogram and change consumer’s unconscious minds. Now you can use the same process to stop smoking, effortlessly. If you can watch a 20-minute DVD or listen to a CD you can reprogram your unconscious mind to stop smoking and live a healthier life. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

The DVD consists of different scenes of beautiful mountain streams with flowing water and soothing music. But, there are images and powerful subliminal messages continuously imbedded throughout the DVD in the scenes and music. Only your unconscious mind will be able to see and hear them. These subliminal messages will reprogram and change your unconscious mind to live healthy and stop smoking. CD has the same messages as the DVD embedded throughout the music. Listen to the CD when you cannot watch the DVD. Play CD before you go to bed, working, driving, etc… Each suggestion is repeated out loud once in the DVD and CD for the conscious mind to wrap itself around, then repeated subliminally in scenes and music every 5 seconds to embed the suggestion into the unconscious mind.

The subliminal messages are:

-Motivation & desire to stop smoking.

-Desires & cravings gone.

-Clean healthy lungs.

-Relax & enjoy life without tobacco.

-Smoke free life.

-Healthy non-smoker.

-Breathe fresh clean air.

-Look & feel younger.

-Release stress & tension.

-Drink plenty of water.

Program Includes: Instructions for the Stop Smoking program – Subliminal programming how and why it works

– 20-minute subliminal DVD program -20-minute subliminal music CD.


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