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Healing Certification Course Info

I allow one certification per program. I need to know where you purchased the content for the course(s). Certification is suitable for framing and can be used for local licensing and / or permit in most cities. Please allow 7-14 days to have prepared, signed and mailed.  Contact me directly at vegasspiritualist@gmail.com if you would like a Course Certification.

There is $20.00 fee for each course certification. The Reiki course has three certifications for each Reiki Level. Can acquire all three, or the Reiki Level certification of your choice. Each Reiki Level certification is $20.00, or if you request all three $50.00

Unfortunately, everything takes time and money to do. And that includes the material, postage and preparing a Course Certification.

I do not include this fee in the cost of the certification course for two reasons. One, to keep the initial cost of the course low so everybody can afford them. Two, not every person desires or needs a Certification.