Unhappy / Depressed

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Unhappy/ Depressed

Are You In the Dark Night Of the Soul?

Exit the Darkness and Into the Light.

The book explains how to move safely through the Dark Night of the Soul and exit into the Light. The Dark Night of the Soul is a “process” you experience that is triggered by any traumatic event(s) in your life. A few examples of such events are; death of a love one, divorce, losing a job, an accident, self-destructive behavior, bad health, destructive and/or negative behaviors that are causing you harm. The term “Light” means you have successfully exited The Dark Night of the Soul.

When lost in The Dark Night, you are frozen in the past and/or present, and cannot move forward in life. The classic example of a person lost in the Darkness is a parent who loses a child, and never come to terms with it. There is no exiting the Dark Night of the Soul into the Light until you resolve the issue(s) that thrust you into it.

The “process” is a powerful, intense internal struggling on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) to come to terms, change and/ or accept the traumatic event(s) that placed you into the Dark Night. Once this happens, you can exit the Darkness into the Light and resume your life.

Book Includes: Symptoms of the Dark Night of the Soul, Reasons why you are thrust into the Dark Night of the Soul, Steps to exit Dark Night of the Soul and enter the Light.

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