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Successfully Preparing for Cancer Chemotherapy A Guided Imagery and Subliminal Program.


The DVD has two separate programs to prepare for Cancer Chemotherapy: A Guided Imagery and a Subliminal program. Both have easy-to-follow directions and can be used before, during, and after cancer treatments. Programs will also reduce and relieve side effects and stress of Chemotherapy treatments

Guided Imagery is the language of the mind. It is a way of communicating with parts of the body that cannot speak in words. You will learn this language in the DVD. Research has shown Guided Imagery is a powerful self-help tool. The Guided Imagery program starts with a relaxation technique, and then guides you through ten imagery segments.

Subliminal Messages have been used for years by advertisers to reprogram and change one’s subconscious mind about their products. With this DVD, you will use Subliminal Messages for your benefit. During the subliminal program all you have to do is relax and listen. The program has ten suggestions that are in music segments. The suggestions are repeated subliminally in the music every five seconds and only your subconscious mind will be aware of them. This process will embed the suggestions into your subconscious mind where it will do its best to act upon them without any conscious effort on your part.

DVD to be used in conjunction with (not in place of) your prescribed medical treatment. Cancer Imagery Programs are used in hospitals, support groups, and libraries throughout the country.

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