Shaman Kundalini Healer Certification Program


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Steve explains and demonstrates how to become a Shaman Kundalini Healer with easy to understand instructions in videos. Learn to be a Shaman Kundalini Healer and help yourself and others heal with the methods taught in this course.

Shaman/ Kundalini Certification Course.

Programs in the Course:

1.Contemporary Awakening & Rising of Your Kundalini Expand Healing Abilities – Video.


2. Learn Contemporary Shamanism Become a Shaman Healer Expand Your Healing Abilities – Video.

3.Ground & Clearing Music With Contemporary Technology for Healing & Meditation Vol1 and Vol2 – Music.

4. Remove Psychic Debris & Heal Vol. 1: Access a Past Life with or Without Reiki – Video.

Shaman/ Kundalini Healer Certification is available. To be certified you need to have studied and practice the content in the course. Then contact Steve Murray at

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