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Reiki The Ultimate Guide Vol.4: Past Lives and Soul Retrieval Remove Psychic Debris and Heal your life.

Book 4 in the Reiki the Ultimate Series will show you new healing options. As explained in all the previous Reiki the Ultimate Guides, different Reiki healing Options are needed for different people, situations and circumstances. This guide will show techniques for experiencing Past Lives memories and Soul Retrieval with or without Reiki. Using these techniques, you can remove Psychic Debris from your life and heal. Psychic debris can be classified as phobias, anger, fears, grief, anxiety, and all negative emotions that impact your health and wellbeing in your current life.

Do you or your friends, relatives and clients have unexplained health challenges, phobias, fears, grief or anxiety that medical doctors just can not explain? Or perhaps you (or someone you know) have experienced a traumatic event and now feel something missing in your core being. In other words, you may not feel whole or complete. If so, Past Lives and Soul Retrieval is the fourth book in Steve Murray’s and is isn’t just for Reiki. Reiki The Ultimate Guide series, is for you. This much-anticipated volume shows Reiki Healers how to guide themselves and others through Past Life and Soul Retrieval Sessions. And, it it is not just for Reiki Healers! Steve also explains how to perform a session without Reiki, so anyone can use the guidelines in the book.

This fourth guide has over 50 illustrations with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions on how to: Access a past life memory, and then release the emotional charge in the memory that is linked to and causing problems in your current life.

Access a traumatic event memory from your current life, and then retrieve the soul left there, thereby becoming whole and complete again.

When a Past Life or Soul Retrieval Session is successful, it removes Psychic Debris from a current life. Psychic Debris can manifest as unexplained health problems, phobias, anger, fears, grief, anxiety or stress and can negatively impact your life. Psychic Debris eventually accumulates in the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual body, creating blockages of your life force. This can cause a weakening to your immune system, and illness and disease can result.

The Guide also explains:

The Akashic Plane – The Akashic Records – Shamans – The Veil – Past Life Root Events -Soul Fragmentation

Reincarnation – Plus much, much more!

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