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Reiki Ultimate Guide


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Reiki The Ultimate Guide: Learn Sacred Symbols & Attunements Plus Reiki Secrets You Should Know.

If you desire to heal yourself with Reiki or become a Healer, this Ultimate Guide is for you and:

-The many thousands of students who have received Reiki Attunements from Steve Murray and now are ready to teach and give attunements.

-Individuals who have experienced Reiki Attunements and healing.

-People who wish to learn about Reiki before receiving Reiki Healing.

-Reiki Healers and Non-Reiki Healers who desire more knowledge.

-This 300-page guide makes Reiki knowledge accessible to everyone! It’s the guide some Healers do not want published.


150 photos & Illustrations with symbols, hand positions and easy Step-by-Step directions showing how to give:

-A Reiki 1st Level Attunement.

-A Reiki 2nd Level Attunement.

-A Reiki Master Level Attunement.

-A Reiki Psychic Attunement, which opens and expands psychic abilities.

-A Reiki Healing Attunement, for healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues.


-The Four Sacred Reiki Symbols, including the Master.

-Symbol and how to activate and use them.

-How to Beam and Scan with Reiki.

-How to perform Reiki Psychic Surgery.

-How to remove Psychic Debris.

-How to contact spirits & departed love ones with Reiki.

-Why there are variations in Reiki Symbols & Attunements.

-Why there should not be any Reiki Secrets.


-Healing with Reiki.

-What attunements are.

-How to prepare for attunements.

-What to expect after attunements.

-How to protect & balance yourself.

-The Antahkarana Symbol.

-Psychic Debris defined.

-Chakras & Reiki.

-Why intent is so important and much more Reiki Guidance you should know.

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