Reiki Psychic 1 & 2

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Reiki Psychic Music Attunement Vol 1 & 2 CDs.

Buy volume one, get the 2nd for free!

Reiki Master Steve Murray has embedded a Reiki Psychic Attunement throughout the music in each Volume. The Reiki Psychic Attunement will be activated each time the music is played, but you will only hear the music. The Psychic Attunement will enhance and reinforce any psychic activities you are doing at the time for yourself and/or others. Music can be played when trying to access and receive healing information, psychic readings, contacting spirits, reading the tarot, etc., or in any situation you need your natural psychic abilities enhanced and/or reinforced. Besides the embedded Psychic Attunement, the CDs are great background music to create the atmosphere for all Psychic activities and plays continuously for over 55 minutes without separate tracks to avoid interruption.

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