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Steve explains and demonstrates how to become a Reiki Master, with easy to understand instructions in books and videos. The course gives you all three Reiki Level Attunements, 1st, 2nd and a Master. Plus includes all the teachings on how to perform Reiki on yourself and others, and how to give all three Reiki Attunements to others. Course has all you need to know to be a top Reiki Master and a Reiki Master Teacher to teach your own students.

Reiki Master Certification Course.

Programs in the Course:


1. Reiki: What it Is How it Heals.

2. Reiki 1st Level Attunement: Become a Reiki Healer.

3. Reiki 2nd Level Attunement: Become a Reiki 2nd Level Healer.

4. Reiki Master Attunement: Become a Reiki Master.

5. A Reiki 1st, Aura and Chakra Attunement Performed.

6. Increase Your Healing Abilities a Program for all Healers Including Reiki.

Reiki Books:

1. Reiki Ultimate Guide Vol. 1 Learn Sacred Symbols & Attunements plus Reiki Secrets You Should Know. This 320-page guide makes Reiki knowledge accessible to everyone! It’s the guide some Healers did not want published.

2. Reiki Ultimate Guide Vol. 2 Learn Reiki Healing with Chakras Plus New Reiki Healing Attunements for All Levels. Learn how to perform Reiki Chakra Attunements for any physical ailments or disease. Over 320 pages with 145 step-by step photos and illustrations

3. Reiki Ultimate Guide Vol. 3 Learn New Reiki Aura Attunements Heal Mental and Emotional Issues. Over 140 step-by-step photos, plus illustrations to make it easy to learn how to perform Reiki Aura Attunements to help heal any mental, emotional or spiritual issues.

4. Reiki Ultimate Guide Vol. 4 Past Lives and Soul Retrieval, Remove Psychic Debris and Heal your Life. This guide shows techniques for experiencing Past Lives memories and Soul Retrieval so you can remove Psychic Debris from your life and heal.

5. Reiki False Beliefs Exposed for All Misinformation Kept Secret by a Few Revealed. Think everything you were taught or read about Reiki is true? Think again! Steve exposes and explains the many false beliefs that perpetuate the teachings of Reiki.

Reiki Level Certifications are Available. To be certified you need to have studied and practice the content in the course. Then contact Steve Murray at If already a Reiki Healer, contact Steve to find out what you need to be Certified.

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