Reiki False Beliefs

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Reiki False Beliefs Exposed For All Misinformation Kept Secret by a Few Revealed.

Think everything you were taught or read about Reiki is true? Think again! Controversial best – selling Reiki DVD producer and Reiki author Steve Murray exposes and explains the many false beliefs that perpetuate the teachings of Reiki. This book will upset Reiki Masters who know the truth of the numerous false beliefs exposed. Discover which beliefs and why they will be angry. Plus, discover which Reiki False beliefs have the potential for harm!

This book is for:

  • The tens of thousands of Steve Murray’s Reiki students worldwide
  • Reiki Healers to uncover false beliefs they may have that are holding them back from their maximum healing power.
  • Non-healers who are having or considering Reiki Treatments or becoming a Reiki Healer. This Book will help you discern Reiki misinformation and make informed decisions about Reiki.


Just a few of the Reiki False Beliefs Steve exposes and explains.

  • False Belief – Reiki is unique and different from other healing energy.
  • False Belief – Non-healers cannot use Reiki Symbols.
  • False Belief – Long Distance Attunements do not work.
  • False Belief – Reiki Symbols should be kept secret.
  • False Belief – Reiki Symbols have a power of their own.
  • False Belief – Reiki lineage is important.
  • False Belief – A Reiki Attunement is needed to become a Healer.
  • False Belief – Christians do not use Reiki.
  • False Belief – Hawayo Takata revived the dead.
  • False Belief – Reiki should not be used with pregnant women.
  • False Belief – Reiki has to be taught in person.
  • False Belief – Hui Yin and the Violet Breath are needed in Attunements.
  • False Belief – A Reiki Healer needs to have hot hands.
  • False Belief – It takes years to become a Reiki Master.
  • False Belief – Psychic abilities are not a part of Reiki.
  • False Belief – Reiki works on cars, computers, and appliances.


Also Included:

  • Over 100 Reiki Traditional and Non-Traditional Symbols are illustrated from various Reiki systems.
  • A Reiki Mandala for Healing.
  • Information on Reiki Grids.

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