Reiki 2nd Attunement

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Reiki 2nd Level Attunement Become a Reiki 2nd Level Healer.

Attunement – a sacred process, initiation and/or meditation with a specific purpose and intent performed by a Spiritual Master. Take the Reiki 2nd Level Attunement and you will become a Reiki 2nd level healer. You will instantly be attuned to the three Reiki symbols, The Power Increase – The Long Distance Healing, Mental/Emotional/Addictive and will able to start using them.

No belief system is required to experience the attunement. The attunement will last for life and can be taken many times. 1st level Reiki attunement is required before taking this attunement.

Included in DVD:

-Preparation and practice for the Reiki 2nd Level Attunement.

-Open eye Reiki 2nd Level Attunement on the Pacific Ocean. Performed by Reiki Master, Steve Murray.


-Three sacred Reiki Symbols: The Power Increase,-The Mental/Emotional/Addictive, The Long Distance Healing-

How to pronounce and draw each symbol–How to activate each symbol-How to use each symbol-

long distance healing in the past, present and future-What to expect during the attunement-What to expect after the attunement.

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