Lose Weight Easily

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Lose Weight Easily Let Sub-Mind do the Work with Contemporary Technology DVD


Forget about struggling with willpower to overcome unhealthy behavior to lose weight. Now it’s not necessary! This video has three programs that combine Subliminal Persuasion and Brain Wave Entrainment, two powerful methods of contemporary technology that can change unhealthy behavior without willpower so you can lose weight easily. Each 12-minute program has a different theme with eight positive healthy suggestions to help lose weight. Watch a program once a day, for 21 one days. The suggestions will then be programmed in your Sub Conscious mind (Sub-Mind) and become a part of your daily behavior, automatically. Subliminal Persuasion is created by suggestions spoken subliminally within music only your Sub-Mind can hear. Brain Wave Entrainment changes your brain’s waves to a lower frequency which expedites learning new behaviors.

The DVD includes:

· Program one: Eating Healthy Suggestions.

· Program two: Exercise Suggestions.

· Program three: Positive Beliefs.

· Complete instructions for using the programs.

· A Bonus Guided Visualization program for Weight Loss.

Also, explained on the DVD:

· How the Sub-Mind Works.

· Subliminal Persuasion.

· Brain Wave Entrainment.

· Isochronic Tones.

· Theta State.

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