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Read Tarot Symbolism


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Learn to Read the Tarot with Symbolism.

Your reading will become powerful, informative and insightful once you know and understand the symbolism of the tarot. Symbolism is the language of the tarot. This DVD easily teaches you that language plus more.

This DVD is a must for novices of the tarot all the way up to professional readers. It instructs, illustrates and demonstrates how to read and understand the symbolism of the tarot. Morgan Ki’ilehua, a professional tarot reader and teacher, is your on-camera instructor. Although she teaches symbolism of the tarot through the illustrations of the Rider-Waite deck, other tarot decks can be used with this DVD.


-On camera demonstrations of sample spreads explaining and illustrating how to use symbolism in readings.
-Symbols and illustrations on all 22 Major Arcana cards are highlighted and explained individually.
-Symbols of The Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana.
-Symbolism of the four elements:
Wands – Pentacles – Cups – Swords

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