Become A Shaman

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Learn Contemporary Shamanism Become a Shaman Healer Expand Your Healing Abilities

A person who practices Shamanism is called a “Shaman. Now you can learn Steve Murray’s method to become a Contemporary Shaman. Shamans help others heal, for personal growth, self-development, self-healing, and to receive guidance for themselves and others for their daily life. Any person can learn Steve’s method to become a Contemporary Shaman. You do not need to be a Healer. if you are a Healer, you can incorporate Shamanism into the healing modality you are already using, such as Reiki.

The DVD includes

-Definition and history of Shamanism.

-Learn how a Shaman goes on a Journey to obtain information for themselves and others.

-Complete instructions on how to prepare yourself physically and mentally to become a Shaman.

-Directions on how to obtain a Power Animal and/or Spirit Guide.

-Step by Step instructions how to become a Contemporary Shaman and take a Shaman’s Journey.

-Example of a person going on a Shaman’s Journey to obtain information.

-Plus bonus music that includes Theta Isochronic Beats that help with a Shaman’s Journey.

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