Contact Spirits #2

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How to Contact Spirits Vol.2 Learn to use a Spirit-Ouija Board and Hold a Séance

How to Contact Spirits, Angels and Departed Loved Ones Vol. 1 DVD has helped people around the world contact spirits successfully. Now, how to contact Spirits Vol. 2 will show you two different methods to contact spirits; holding a Séance and using a spirit board. Both methods will temporarily lift the “veil between the worlds” so the living can connect with loved ones, friends and relatives who have passed over.If you have a desire to communicate with a spirit or your spirit guide(s) to receive guidance, messages, healing and closure, this DVD is for you. You will soon reaffirm or discover that you are not alone in this world.

DVD Includes:

Preparations for holding a Séance-Preparations for using a Spirit board-Guidelines for holding a Séance-Guidelines for using a Spirit Board-How to hold a Séance step-by-step-How to use a Spirit Board step-by-step-How to Contact Spirit guides-How to make your own Spirit Board-Plus bonus Psychic music.

YOU WILL ALSO LEARN: Why contact a spirit- Why Spirits contact us -Signs of a spirit’s presence- How spirits communicate with the living plus much more.

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