Rise Your Kundalini

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Contemporary Awakening & Rising of Your Kundalini Expand Healing Abilities.

Learn Steve Murray’s Contemporary method to quickly awaken and rise your Kundalini. Other methods can take months or years of training before you are able to accomplish it. Kundalini is the basic energy or substance all living things are made of in the universe. There is a reservoir of Kundalini at the base of your spine. When you awaken your Kundalini and it rises up your spine, it helps heal any physical and/or emotional issues you might have, and shifts your consciousness to an enlightened state. Any person can learn Steve’s method. You do not need to be a Healer.

The DVD includes:

-Definition of the Kundalini.

-Complete instructions on how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the rise of your Kundalini.

-Step by Step Contemporary instructions how to awaken and rise your Kundalini.

-Example of a person awakening and rising their Kundalini.

-Plus bonus music titled “Theta Tranquility that has Theta Isochronic Beats mixed in the music that will help waken your Kundalini.

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