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Animal Psychic Communication and Reiki Pet Healing.

Animal Psychic Communication plus Reiki Pet Healing has easy to learn, step-by-step directions that include photos and illustrations regarding how to: Psychically communicate with animals (vertebrates and invertebrates) in any environment or circumstance in just a few minutes. The communication is full circle Psychic Zone in that it includes sending psychic information to an animal and receiving psychic information back from it. Use Reiki healing for any physical health challenge that your own pet, or the pets of family members, friends, and clients may have.

The book also describes and explains animal Chakras and their Auras. Defines Bio-Intelligence and how it is used in Animal Psychic Communication. Explains Psychic abilities – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Telepathy and how these abilities come into play in Animal Psychic Communication. Explains how to enter your Psychic Zone before communicating psychically with animals. Provides guidance on how to communicate psychically and send Reiki healing to an animal when you are not in the same place as the animal. Provides a Chakra reference guide for your use in addressing specific health challenges a pet may have. Plus, much more!

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