Reiki Prosperity Attunement

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A Reiki Prosperity Attunement Subliminal Persuasion Programs To Increase Your Prosperity.

A state of financial well-being is the most common definition of Prosperity. If you have financial wellbeing, you can pursue your life goals. If you are obtaining your life goals, prosperity continues. To quote Buddha, “One is entitled to as much wealth as one wants, as long as it is earned fairly, without harming others. Just as bees collect honey without harming flowers.” Most people would like to achieve prosperity, but are not doing so. And the worry and stress generated from this non-achievement can cause a person to become physically sick.

The Reiki Prosperity Attunement, when taken will reveal what you need to know to increase Prosperity in your life. It does this by unlocking your prosperity knowledge hidden in your subconscious and revealing it to your conscious mind. Once this is done, you can act upon your own unique prosperity knowledge. Any person can take the Reiki Prosperity Attunement and start their Prosperity Course of Action.

The DVD also has three bonus programs. Each program creates a process called Subliminal Persuasion. One program releases the fear that keeps away prosperity and the other two motivate and keep you focused on prosperity.

DVD includes:

-A Reiki Prosperity Attunement.

-How the Attunement work.

-Directions for taking the Attunement.

-Prosperity Subliminal Persuasion Program One.

-Prosperity Subliminal Persuasion Program Two.

-Prosperity Subliminal Persuasion Program Three.

You will also learn:

-What is a Prosperity Course of Action – What is a Prosperity Mental Blockage – What is a Prosperity Plan.

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