Chakra and Aura Attunement

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A Reiki 1st, Chakra and Aura Attunement Performed.

Steve Murray’s Reiki students and Healers from around the world have requested to see him perform Reiki Attunements from his best-selling Reiki the Ultimate Guide books. In this DVD he does that and more. Steve will perform and explain a Reiki 1st Level Attunement from Reiki the Ultimate Guide, a Reiki Chakra Healing Attunement from the Reiki the Ultimate Guide Vol. 2 and a Reiki Aura Attunement from Reiki the Ultimate Guide Vol. 3. Watching Steve perform the Reiki Attunements with Reiki Symbols on camera will help students and Healers understand all the Reiki Attunements explained in his Reiki book series.

The DVD is also for:

-Reiki Students who want to know how a Reiki Attunement with symbols is performed.

-Reiki Healers who want to compare their Reiki Attunement teachings.

-Potential Reiki Healers who are curious about receiving Reiki Attunements.

-Individuals who have received a Reiki Attunement and would like to know how it was performed.

DVD includes:

-Reiki Attunement before and after basics.

-Demonstration of a Reiki 1st Level Attunement.

-Demonstration of an Aura Attunement.

-Demonstration of a Chakra Healing Attunement.

-Review of the Usui Reiki Attunement Levels and Symbols.

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