Reiki Gemstone Pendants

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Pendant Descriptions

Reiki Gemstone Pendants are engraved in Gold Leaf with the Reiki Symbol of your choice, Power, Master, Long Distance, Mental/Emotional or the Kanji Reiki Symbol.


Each pendant comes with a 20" Sterling Silver Chain, long enough to conceal under your clothing or wear atop your blouse or shirt.

In the Order box to the left type in the combination of stone and symbols you would like.


Kanji Reiki Symbol:

Rei Ki~ The top part stands for Rei (meaning universal, higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness) and the lower part Ki (meaning life force or life energy). Together they form Reiki (spiritually guided life energy).

Using the Reiki Healing Pendant

The Reiki pendants are great healing tools and can be used for yourself, in healing sessions or given as gifts.


These pendants can be used in many, many ways, which includes healing and for protection. And they can be worn hidden from view, if desired.


Here are just a few examples of ways to use the pendants: wear when meditating, in a healing session for yourself or others, in an important meeting or event, traveling, operation, special occasions, the reasons for when to wear the pendants are endless, just use your intuition.


If you have the set, you can wear the symbols that are needed at that particular time.


You should always clear the pendant with Reiki before and after wearing it.


Below are sample pendant photos with the above symbols. You can order the Reiki Symbol(s) you desire on the pendant.

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